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Passive Income & The Quest For 1 Million Page Views

At the beginning of 2020, i threw up a forum post on one of my favorite financial websites - Mr Money Mustache.   The gist of the post which you can find here was to document my progress with a side hustle blog of mine.  Entitled 'Page views To The Moon', when i wrote the post in January of 2020, I had made some good progress with my blog (note I still haven't disclosed the project, maybe some day I will, but still not sure) but was hovering around 8000 page views per month, and making an average of $50-$100 in affiliate income each month. 

I decided recently to become more active on this (Prudent Dad) website and thus have decided to shift any progress on my 'side hustle' blog here. Note that my last update over at Mr Money Mustache was thru May, which actually represented my highest earning monthly total since starting the blog in 2018.

So, since it has been a few months, here are the updated stats for my blog with monthly page views and affiliate income.

MonthPage ViewsAffiliate Income
February 2019 3090 $47
March 2019 1781 -$17
April 2019 2398 $62
May 2019 2100 $22
June 2019 3718 $70
July 2019 4026 $106
August 2019 4279  $52
September 2019 5415 $47
October 2019 6188 $47
November 2019 7271 $131
December 2019 8500 $98
January 2020 11401 $437
February 2020 11909 $106
March 2020 11037 $182
April 2020 13963 $642
May 2020 17491 $883
June 2020 14512 $336
July 2020 17898 $563

As shown, since starting that post on Mr Money Mustache in January of 2020, I've been able to double my monthly page views in only seven months!  In addition, due to the increased page views, my affiliate income has now averaged over $500 over the last five months.

I do believe the pandemic and stimulus money has led to more discretionary spending so I'm optimistically cautious.  But I am happy at the very least that my page views are getting close to 20,000 per month.

My main goal with my initial post was stated as follows:

Pageviews To The Moon

"My goal in 2020 is to reach 30,000 Page views and $300 per month in passive income. I only have 24 articles on my site and have determined if I can create 50 new pieces of content (double last year's rate) I should be able to achieve this. This would represent one new blog post per week.  That's my ultimate goal, but hope to exceed it. "

The positives are this - I'm fairly close to 30K page views per month and have exceeded $300 in income over the past four months.  But I will acknowledge that my goal of one blog post per week has been slacking of late.  

Since April, I've written twelve blog posts or an average of one every two weeks.  Good, but not good enough.  I have spent the last two months launching an online store via Shopify so that has stolen some of my blog writing availability.  The shop launch was all a part of the overall plan to help diversify the income stream, since as of right now, all income is generated via one affiliate partner.  

I'm skeptical of relying on one affiliate partner, so I do hope to diversify into on site advertising in the future.  I think the current traffic would certainly help support some decent partners for advertising.

So what has been the reason for the success thus far?  

Quality, Quality, Quality.  First and foremost.  

If you are launching a new blog and hope to create monthly passive income, make sure whatever you are writing is the best source of information on the topic you are discussing. Otherwise, you will have no shot to get the rankings you need to generate the traffic in google.  

Moving forward, I'll write a monthly post discussing progress. 

Have any questions?  

Leave me a comment below, and I'll try to answer!  

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